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Why should  YOU  choose IC. Education  ?
为什么选择 爱思教育

Learn with us

Learning is what we have to do all our lives. It is important to master the skills and strategies of learning so that hard work will be properly rewarded.

  1. Our teaching is to enable every student to understand knowledge deeply and use knowledge to learn to solve problems by himself. This gives students the confidence and ability to face any challenges they face. VCE is the first step: students must be able to study effectively in universities and elsewhere, so a solid foundation is essential.

  2. We provide small class teaching, so that students can not only improve their grades, but also optimize their studies at school and university.

  3. We also provide one-on-one tutoring to help students understand their misunderstandings or missing areas.

  4. We provide students with free advice on school and university study plans, and discuss their career choices and choices.

  5. We have experience: we are VCE experts. Learning is not just about going to class, but also preparing for life.

  6. We strongly recommend that students communicate with us before choosing VCE subjects in the 10th grade. In fact, we have 8th grade junior high school students starting from us to ensure success.

Early success is an important foundation for VCE learning. The road to top universities is tortuous, and students need guidance and support to ensure they make the right choice.

Win with us
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nearly 10 years, our 12th grade

students have always maintained an ATAR of 95-92,9, and other results are also very good. Students have won high-quality university places in top universities. This is the first step in a successful life. Former students come back to us for help and advice when studying for higher education. We can provide help in many ways. Winning is preparation and knowledge. You must understand the challenges you will face, and then prepare to meet them. This is not only about practice-which is important-but also about fully understanding what is being taught, effective learning, clever application of knowledge and successful planning. This is how our experience makes you a winner.


Get Started.

The first step is to apply.

The second step is to be interviewed by our Principal. She will talk to you about possible career options, subject choices, study techniques and much more. True experts are hard to find so Yana.Wu’s knowledge and advice are very valuable: ask all the questions you want answered. She will also tell you if we can help you: not all students are accepted.

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Still looking for more information?

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