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BS Hons.

Miss Cawsey

I have been working with students for 7 years. I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and am studying for a Masters of Teaching. My background means I have a different perspective on the teaching of English and can connect with students who traditionally struggle due to a preference for STEM. I love teaching and believe in giving my students the skills and tools they need to excel. Over the years I have taught and supported many of my fellow tutors at Imperial and now proudly lead the English department of the Imperial College team. 

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Phil Bell
Physics & Chemistry

New careers are being created at a dazzling rate and students must be prepared by having a sound foundation of knowledge and skills. STEM skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – are what the world needs now. My PhD studies investigated how students can develop a fear of technical subjects and my teaching strives to overcome this fear, making science accessible, comprehensible, interesting and enjoyable for all students. Understanding the world around us from the atom to the universe is fundamental and I enjoy watching students discover the wonders of science. All students should undertake at least one VCE Science subject.


Leo Cai

Mathematics, Physics

Maths is becoming even more important in the modern world: everyone should be literate in the language of science. Once you move through the mystery of the symbols and the strange words, mathematics becomes interesting and enjoyable. My quest as a teacher is to guide students through that mystery to understanding and mastering the subject by revealing its simplicity, beauty and power. Of course good marks in maths lifted me to a good ATAR and on to a quality university – and that was important – but studying mathematics is valuable and essential for so many careers and that should be the prime motivation.


Maddy Wang
Mathematics  Actuarial

Students often find it intimidating to do maths. At IC.Education(Imperial College Mel. ) , I work with students towards overcoming such maths anxiety and feeling competent in doing maths. I believe that maths teaching is not just about doing questions after questions, but more importantly, about learning the skill, the language and the mindset of maths. My experience of learning maths overseas has also allowed me to understand the struggles felt by students with a multi-cultural background that is often overlooked by school teachers. Using knowledge from my double degree in Secondary Education (Honours) and Science, I cater to the needs of my students and create inclusiveness in my classroom, making maths learning an engaging experience for students.

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Miss. Gurry
BSB, B.Mus

​English ,Speech

Communication is a fundamental skill and is founded on ability in English. Of course English is compulsory at VCE but the reasons for a thorough mastery of English lie in the ability to understand, appreciate and use the language in various settings and for different purposes. Superior language skills will improve the effectiveness of learning, enhance job prospects and even improve personal relationships. Besides that, English is an astonishing pleasure in itself through the rich traditions of literature in all its breadth and diversity. The aim of my teaching is to develop those skills and that enjoyment in my students so that they can not only do well in exams – that is the immediate goal – but also prosper at university and in the world of work through an appreciation of the wonder and power of the language.

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B.S Hons, 

Honor S: Mathematics

Mathematics can appear difficult so discovering how to study the subject, understanding the basic concepts and appreciating how to think mathematically are fundamental to effective learning. Some students have missed some simple essentials or have a fear of the subject but once the gaps have been repaired and the logic of the subject becomes clear, students find the challenges and puzzles interesting, experience the pleasure of success and start enjoying mathematics. Mathematics is the language of science and everybody benefits from learning.


Katherine Shen

EAL & English Language 

I have been tutoring EAL since 2016 and English Language since mid 2017. I graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelors of Arts and am currently studying for a Masters in Criminology. Writing essays is a significant part of my studies, however, helping students create wonderful and coherent pieces of work brings me the utmost joy. Teaching is a passion of mine as I love to watch the growth of my students’ understanding of their English language abilities as well as learning with the correct mindset. I seek to provide knowledge and individualised material for students to become motivated in their English studies, ultimately encouraging them to thrive and succeed not only in their secondary studies, but also preparing them for their future.


Richard Dowling M.Ed

Chemistry. & French

You want to be successful as a Chemistry Teacher, you should demonstrate sound knowledge of Chemistry. are able to apply scientific principles to real-life situations and can successfully teach students with different interests and aptitudes.interests and aptitudes.

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