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Your child will work towards achieving set goals that will motivate them to succeed.

Previous ATAR results

2015: The average score was ATAR 90

2016: The average score was ATAR 92,

2017: The average score was ATAR 98, 

               20% of students had ATAR 99+,

2018: The average score was ATAR 95,  

               60% of them have obtained scholarships

2019: The average score was ATAR 95

2020: The average score was ATAR 92.9


  • Why do our tutoring work?This question is best expressed as “Why does Imperial College succeed where others have failed?”

  • We don’t take a one size fits all approach to our teaching programmes. Every programme is customised for the child and everything we do can be measured.

  • We guide each student to re-recognize themselves and set goals early.

  • Stable team of teachers and staff

  • Full English teaching

  • Managed and supervised by local education experts in Australia

  • 对于我们的教学计划,我们不会采取一种千篇一律的方法。 每个程序都是为孩子量身定制的,我们所做的一切都可以衡量。

  • 我们引导每个学生重新认知自己,早期设定奋斗目标。

  • 我们应用西方的教学理念,全英文教学

  • 同时我们拥有稳定的师资队伍,所有教学计划和进度。都在我们坚实澳大利亚当地的教育专家的全程管理,监督和指导

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