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Headmaster  Mrs. Sanciolo

Our College has not advertised from the 

beginning: it has grown rapidly

through word of mouth and enjoys a high

reputation. The philosophy of the college

always focuses on the development of

students and their learning which should

be enjoyable. The college encourages students in

many ways, from free university visits and lectures on

VCE, ATAR, universities and careers to flight courses and


1-The college is a learning community, a big platform for our future operations, and


2-Our team of teachers is highly experienced, offering stable support to the college during its ten years of operation.  Although they are mostly professional teachers who are busy working in day school, they still have considerable  enthusiasm in our school and deliver higher levels of results.

3-We are in a Chinese residential centre, but we use Australian teaching concepts and teach in English to help students who use English as a second language to understand and master the ability to solve problems by themselves and be self-motivated learners. We share strategies and tactics for examination success. Therefore, our graduates will not drop out off courses during their university studies.

4-Education is a complex process involving students, parents, schools and IC. Education(ai si jiao yu) (Imperial college Mel). Our principal's long-term experience in teaching and managing schools drives the philosophy and practice of IC. Education(ai si jiao yu)  . All our teachers are selected and tutored by the principal Yana and her professional education team to ensure that all teaching plans are top-notch.


The college believes that small classes are most suitable for students, but it also provides one-on-one tutoring. Students must play the role of effective learners in a group environment, as this will optimize their opportunities in schools and universities. The classroom will also develop social interaction, mutual learning and self-confidence. Motivation is the main factor of success. The college teaches for understanding. There will be many exercises and past exams, but students must first master the topic so that they can successfully deal with future challenges and lay a solid foundation for further study. We provide one-on-one tutoring so that students can catch up on forgotten or missed topics and skills so that they can work effectively in the classroom.



BS,ML Yana Wu

holds, among other qualifications, a Masters Degree in Law from Peking University.  And membership of Australia counselling Association, She has been work a private school in Melbourne,She has a long career of working with people in many different settings including hospitals, the entertainment industry and schools.
She has chosen to founding Imperial College because she wanted to help create a learning community, not just a business. She has chosen to be founding IC. Eduction (爱思教育) 2013 because she wanted to help create a learning community, not just a business. Shen want to done properly, a good tutoring doesn’t just improve learning outcomes, it also instils confidence, self-awareness,  enthusiasm,responsibility and improve communication between parents and students..

She is very good to working with families and students to coordinate education programs and solve apparent learning problems by uncovering the underlying issues. A skilled communicator and talented administrator, she creates the ‘family feel’ that IC. Education(爱思教育)  enjoys. Equally at ease with local and overseas students, she is constantly in demand for her sensible, informed advice and support and is popular with students and parents.

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