Welcome to IC. Education 

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Excellent VCE scores, high ATAR scores and admission notices from prestigious universities cannot be obtained by fluke, and solid knowledge is the only way to achieve real success.

Our teaching philosophy:

1- We are teach students the way of thinking, especially the way of thinking in mathematics is far more important than skills. And this is not a necessary content of the syllabus. If you meet a good teacher, he will talk about it. Most teachers don't have time to talk about it in order to keep up the pace.

2-With a wealth of teaching experience, the in-depth understanding of the subject is transmitted to every student who hopes to achieve good results.

3- We use the limited time to improve students' language ability, image thinking ability, and abstract thinking ability to make them a complete social talent with both liberal arts and science.

4- We care for our students. We have expertise and rich experience in obtaining high VCE and ATAR scores and successful careers, and use this to guide our students to win prestigious universities through wise choices, skills and strategies Bachelor of Science.

We are a home for learners: we enjoy the joy of learning together and celebrating success.


Hear what our students have to say

2014'Gaining an ATAR of 99.5 was not simply a matter of hard work. School and work are not enough. I had to sharpen my skills and expertise in all my subjects, particularly the ‘top four’. IC.Education (爱思教育) (Original Name: Imperial College Melbourne) gave me the understanding and true mastery of my subjects so that I could realise my own abilities and reach my goals. Scoring a 50 in mathematics reflected the level of mastery I had achieved through  IC.Education (爱思教育) and allowed me to enter university with confidence and a solid foundation. IC.Education (爱思教育) inspired me to become a teacher and help other students achieve their goals and realise their dreams.'


We are located on the first floor at 901 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, VIC.